Why You Need to Use Reusable Eco Bags When Shopping

It takes 15 to 1000 years for a single plastic bag to decompose. If everyone keeps using plastic bags and other plastic items, the earth will be filled with plastic trash by the end of 2023.

Not everyone takes recycling seriously probably because it seems like a difficult and bothersome task. If you think it that way, you are actually wrong! There are many easy ways to dispose of plastics and one thing you can do to help save mother earth which requires minimal effort is the use a reusable eco bag when shopping.

Thankfully many of us now realize this and in fact 73 percent of US customers use a tote bag when shopping. Now using recyclable tote bags when shopping is not just a thing for fashion, it is a must in order to keep our planet healthy. The following is a list of reasons why you need to start to bring your eco friendly bags with you when you go to the grocery store.

  • It saves a big amount of cash. Bringing your own bag can help you save money. Laws now mandate that supermarkets charge for plastic bags and they can cost around $1 to $2. To further encourage us to take plastic free action, some grocery groceries, like Lowe’s Food and Whole Food Market, now offer discounts to people who use their own bag to buy. In fact, Target gives a 5 cent discount for each reusable bag you use.
  • It’s a great way to promote your own cause. If you own a grocery store, offering recyclable tote bags to customers with your name on them is a good promotion strategy while helping to save the earth. For customers who are members of certain non-profit organizations, this could be a simple way of showing your advocacy for a world without plastic pollution.
  • It’s easier to carry. Tote bags have sturdier handles that allow it to hold more goods than paper bags. It is the smartest choice for shopping breakable goods such as your favorite jam or marmalade. Plus it is easier to carry, especially if you’ve parked far from the store.
  • It’s a stylish way to shop. Nowadays, eco bags come in different colors and designs. You can bring a huge tote bag to shop for meat and poultry, and nobody will even notice what’s inside your bag.
  • It’s the best way to reduce plastic wastes at home. Using a tote bag helps you cut plastic waste by 50 percent. If you shop at least twice a week – that is at least eight plastic bags down from your usual pile of garbage.

Put saving the world on your shopping list and try switching to Jungle Colony’s eco friendly grocery bags. Saving the world doesn’t have to be difficult. If you start this practice today, others will follow and saving the planet by reducing plastic use will soon become the norm.